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The Anti-acne beauty routine combines a series of specific products for the needs of acne-prone skin whose synergistic action applied daily guarantees professional, effective and long-lasting results. This routine performs a keratolytic and stimulating activity, regulating sebum, anti-inflammatory and reduces the imperfections of combination, impure or oily skin. Azelaic acid carries out anti-sebaceous and antibacterial actions, while vitamin F balances the composition of the sebum.  

SOS ACNE KIT with 2% salicylic acid peeling

A complete treatment of four professional products to treat acne effectively. Professional results. Contains Sos Beta HA fluid- is a 2% salicylic acid peeling ideal for treating skin with active acne. The main advantage of salicylic acid is that, being similar to aspirin, it prevents post-treatment irritation. It is precisely the anti-inflammatory properties of salicylic acid that make the beta hydroxy acid peeling safer and more effective. Due to its physical characteristics, salicylic acid penetrates the sebaceous gland exerting an astringent effect and therefore reduces the production of sebum. The Vilight Beauty “SOS ACNE” professional kit is a real professional treatment that you can safely perform in the comfort of your home, consisting of five professional mini products and an elegant free pouch. In 6 weeks you will see your skin "clean" and radiant. We will guide you step by step in the correct execution of the treatments through the clear and simple guide that you find below.