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The Anti-darkspot routine combines two specific products for an intensive treatment. Particularly suitable for treating skin blemishes, improving skin imperfections, dryness and elasticity. !!! SPF 50 sunscreen recommended (optional, spf cream notincluded in the kit) 1. Once a week apply Glico-Gel Anti-dark spots, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Do not apply on damaged skin. Extremely active for all treatments that aim to improve dryness, elasticity, imperfections, blemishes and impurities on the face, hands and body. Fluid gel based on glycolic acid indicated as a cosmetic adjuvant to smooth the skin surface of the body affected by white stretch marks. 2. Every day, morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing the face, neck and décolleté, spread the anti-dark spot lightening cream, massaging until it is completely absorbed. The cream has been formulated with kojic acid combined with glycolic acid and shea butter for the treatment of age, sun and hormonal spots, acne blemishes and youthful freckles.